2018.02.15 CIVILIZED X STEALTHPROJEKT F/W 2018 (PT. ONE)One of the biggest problems about having a career which is partly built around discovering and promoting new and exciting creators is that sometimes there are no strong new people coming through. Recent times have shown a glut of copycat brands and places that support them who not only seem to thrive on their lack of originality but have also diluted and tainted a certain image to such an extent that it has now become stale and unfashionable to appear to be so. One Brand and Designer that is creating something fresh, wearable and interesting is Satoshi Okugawa the creator behind the cult Japanese label : CIVILIZED. As the name・・・

2018.02.05 The Viridi-anne 2018A/W Collection : “Correction 2”The Viridi-anne 2018 A/W Collection : “Correction 2” We are very proud to present exclusively on-line the complete look-book for the new collection. Please check back in soon for an upcoming exhibition report and interview with the designer. According to the designer Tomoaki Okaniwa the new A/W collection is part 2 of their two part “Correction” collection in which he has worked to correct and improve on any collections he has done in the past to the point where he feels this is the best collection so far. I don’t need to tell you how strong this collection is. Just check out the images below :     Selections from・・・